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Audio Sermons

MOSES: A Man Who Walked and Talked with God
"A Family Crisis"
Pastor Paul Hartley "Revival: The Key to Survival"
Pastor Barbara "With Us in the Storm"
"Prophecy Pointing to Christ"
"Hope: The Lord is With You"
Pastor Amber "Always Thankful"
Pastor Amber - "Unlike Any Other Fisherman"
The Prayer of Jesus
"Introducing the Jesus Prayer" Mathew 6:5-15
"I Am" Series
#1 Introduction to "I AM" Series
Generosity Factor
"Enough is Enough" Phil. 3:17-21
Pastor Amber "Small But Mighty" Matt. 17:14-21
Pastor Amber "Time for A Change" John 5:1-9
Guest Speaker - Rev. Micky Boyer "The Lord's Prayer"
Part 1 "The Lord's Prayer"
"Not Just Another Meal" Mark 14:12-25
Faith Promise
Speaker Rhonda Slingerland
"The Backside of Betrayal"
#1 "A Dysfunctional Family" Genesis 37:2 (1/22/17)
April 2, 2017
"What Are You Passionate About?" Mark 11:15-18 Speaker: Pastor Barbara Sheets
Lent/Easter Series
"The Trials" Hebrews 2:9
Guest Speaker - Alexis Quick (Mission Trip with YWAM)
"Tending the Fire" Guest Speaker Pastor Paul Hartley, District Superintendent
Advent "Fearless"
11/27/16 "Fear Free Living" Luke 5:1-11
11/20/16 "God's Glory Experienced through Thanksgiving" 2 Chronicles 5:11-14
Politics and the Kingdom of God (A Four Part Series) by Pastor Stephen
#1 Two Words 2Kings 2:7-15
Faith Hope & Love 1 Cor. 13 Speaker Adam Ziegler 10/16/16
"Imperfect Perfection" Jer. 18:1-10 Pastor Amber Abair 10/9/16
Church Today Series
#1 What Is Our Mision John 12:20-33
"How Big Is God?"
"What Happens When We See God?" Isaiah 6:1-13
8/21/16 "Serving the Servant" Philippians 2:5-11 by Pastor Amber Abair
7/31/16 "Practical Compassion" by Pastor Amber Abair
Holiness Made Clear Series
6/5/16 "Called Unto Holiness"
May 29 - "Shaken but NOT Forsaken" By Pastor Stephen
Jacob Series "Following God Without Looking Back"
Jan. 3, 2016
5/15/16 Guest Speaker Pastor Fau
5/1/16 Guest Speaker: Micky Boyer
Global Missionary - Monte Cyr
"Loving People Not Like Us" Romans 15:7-13 by Pastor Barbara Sheets
April 3, 2016
Mar. 20, 2016 "He Prayed a Prayer" John 17 by Pastor Stephen Sheets
March 27, 2016 Faith Promise with Rusty and Diane Robins
"Fresh Start" by Pastor Stephen
2015 Advent
The Hope"
Special guest speaker - Rev. Paul Hartley, D.S.
"Christianity 101"
"God the Father" Genesis 1:1
More Than Enough - Colossians
"The Growing Edge" Colossians 1:1-14
"I Am a Hillcrester Series" #1 by Pastor Stephen Sheets
Special Speakers: Missionaries David & Sylvia Potter
6/26/16 Guest Speaker - Pastor Fau
"Lamb of God" Guest Speaker Chaplain Walt Bean