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Audio Sermons

David: Seeking God Faithfully
A Man Just Like Us
Pastor Barbara Sheets
Welcoming Jesus
Pastor Paul Hartley-The Cycle of Victorious Living
The Cycle of Victorious Living
Advent 2019
The Preposterous Exchange: Power
Guest Speaker: Jerry Coleman
Jerry Coleman
God-sized Answers to Life-sized Questions
Why Do We Get Stuck?"
Reverend Adam Ziegler
Psalms 40
Guest Speaker Rev. Micky Boyer
A Workman Approved by God
Guest Speaker Tom Dupea
Pastor Tom Dupea "Just As I Am"
Guest Speaker Reverend Lane Loman
Do You Love Me?
Easter Services
The Trials
Samuel "A Lifetime of Serving God"
"Chaos & Confusion"
Pastor Barbara Sheets
Do I Want to Be Wise or Foolish
Love Revealed
"To Bring Justice"
Guest Speaker Rev. Adam Ziegler "Faith in Action"
"Come to the Well"- Pastor Amber Abair
Guest Speaker Rev. Adam Ziegler "Removing the Slash"
Jesus The Miracle Worker
"Jesus' Works & Wonders"
Hot Button Topics
"Does God Really Care About Social Justice?"
Guest Speaker Dr. Gustavo A. Crocker
MOSES: A Man Who Walked and Talked with God
"A Family Crisis"
"The Resurrection"
“Descending into Greatness”
Pastor Paul Hartley "Revival: The Key to Survival"
Pastor Barbara "With Us in the Storm"
Pastor Amber - "Unlike Any Other Fisherman"
The Prayer of Jesus
"Introducing the Jesus Prayer" Mathew 6:5-15
Guest Speaker - Rev. Micky Boyer "The Lord's Prayer"
Part 1 "The Lord's Prayer"